IMS Productions video company - Imagination, Magic and Storytelling - was founded in 1972 with the desire to help clients communicate their message through emotionally compelling stories that move people to action. For over 40 years, IMS has worked in 120 countries telling the stories for industry leaders in aviation, marine, retail, food service, as well as those of non-profits, tourism, medical, education, and many others.

An award winning video production house with a focus on industrials, documentaries, commercials, and feature films, IMS Productions has set itself apart with imaginative and magical storytelling.



Andy Lee is a multiple award-winning filmmaker who has the rare ability to create unique and engaging stories in many cultures throughout the world. He has an eye for exquisite detail and a passion to unlock the human mystery. Andy's diverse experience has positioned him in the upper echelon of international video directors and industry leaders. An artist, writer and a father, he not only defines creative vision but makes you feel it. His desire is to WOW.


With a mind that blends creativity and production minutiae, Naomi Lee has travelled the globe casting vision. Crafting movies that inspire, Naomi specializes in immersing herself into cultures to find the truth in any setting. She creates award-winning productions that stand above the fray in both quality and emotional impact. Her passion of building bridges by networking the globe has made her a sought-after commodity.



A creative visionary, MaxPaul Franklin challenges clients to dig deeper to uncover their core truths. Having started IMS in 1972 out of the back of his car, MaxPaul has built a reputation for helping clients unlock their own powerful story and building lifetime relationships. An expert in moving audiences to action, MaxPaul helps clients find the possibilities to dream bigger. A mentor, leader, and motivational speaker, MaxPaul has created a legacy in the world of international video production.