A video director in Asheville, North Carolina: immerse yourself in emotions with IMS productions

IMS productions is a company of creative people who use storytelling to help their clients to tell stories full of emotions. A group of brilliant video directors based in Asheville and ready to share with international clients their skills and experiences to reach people's hearts with strong and powerful stories.

North Carolina Video directors: just right there with your expectations

From aviation to the navy, from education to the medical field, from food to non-profit organizations, the creativity and imagination of North Carolina video directors has no boundaries. Thanks to an important work of empathy, sensitivity, in-depth knowledge and expertise, the video directors of Asheville manage to immerse themselves in the reality of the client.

The work of the video director, in North Carolina as in the rest of the world, should not be solitary and introverted but open to collaboration and sharing. This is how the group of IMS productions video directors from Asheville works: letting themselves be guided by sensations, vibrations and atmospheres of the client they work for.

IMS productions: 40 years of experience

IMS Productions is a video production studio that has been telling thrilling stories through videos since 1972. Active for more than 40 years and founded by Maxpaul Franklin, its mission is to help customers in reaching the true essence of their history. To engage and be unforgettable by combining words, music and atmosphere: this is the strength of Asheville video directors.

Customers such as McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Coleman and Bombardier have chosen IMS productions and its video directors of North Carolina not only for their skills and experience, but also for the hearts, passions and art that they put into every creation.

Awards and satisfaction: IMS happy ending

This harmony of special skills has led IMS productions and its video directors of Asheville to win numerous awards that, over time, testify their ability to create videos that bring users to new places allowing them to discover and experience powerful and unforgettable.

Team heart: when chemistry is powerful

Who is in IMS production team? Video directors in North Carolina are:

  • Andy Lee. He is the CEO of IMS productions and he can make every story wonderful and exciting. Winner of numerous awards, he has a special eye that allow him to see the true essence of everything, managing to get straight to the heart of the story.
  • Naomi Lee. Senior video director based in Asheville, she has a great gift: she manages to immerse herself in cultures, people, and stories. In this way, she is able to capture the most particular details and then transform them into emotion.
  • MaxPaul Franklin. He is the founder of IMS production. Since 1972, through words, music, sensations, and vibrations, he succeeds in motivating his clients, pushing them to dream bigger. Everyday.